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Introducing the Chancellors

Vocals, Guitar, and Bass
Vocals, Guitar, and Bass
Ross 07


Ross started playing guitar in 1964, influenced by the folk and rock singers of the early 60's. He performed as a guitarist and bassist through his college years at Brigham Young and Boise State Universities, eventually writing over 300 songs. He formed many of his own country and rock groups, in the late 60's and 70's, including The Suns of Mourning, Free Dirt, Forrest and Miller, Wedge, Class-x and Trigger Happy.

In 1989, Ross reformed The Fabulous Chancellors, one of Boise's most successful and popular groups from the 60's, for which he has provided the promotion and marketing, and most of the songwriting. From its inception, The Fabulous Chancellors have enjoyed nearly a half-century of success, a legacy Ross seeks to honor with each new show.

Vocals, Lead Guitar, Keyboard, Harmonica, Flute, and Sax
Vocals, Lead Guitar, Harmonica, Flute, and Sax

Joe 07

Although he holds a doctorate in classical Guitar Performance (the highest degree possible), and is known internationally as a medieval musicologist, "Dr. Joe" is just as comfortable with his vintage Rickenbackers as he is his lute.

Born, raised and educated in the city of rock 'n' roll, Cleveland, Ohio, Joe started his musical sojourn under his father's tutelage at age four. By thirteen he was a regular on Cleveland television and radio as a guitar soloist, and in demand as a studio musician, regularly appearing on commercials and laying down guitar tracks for major recording labels.

Between regional tours and regular appearances with dozens of the most popular acts of the period, he pursued and completed all 3 of his academic degrees. He became Director of Guitar Studies and Coordinator of Music History at Boise State University where he recently took early retirement after 36 years.

Over the years, he has also found time to contribute articles for medieval, musicological and baseball periodicals, while continuing his performance careers, which has seen him perform on some 50 different instruments, live on stage throughout his life. His recorded legacy includes and award-winning solo medieval CD, two solo folk CD's, and he will soon add a rock album.

Joe played with The Fabulous Chancellors from their resurrection in 1989 and continued through 1990, he later rejoined band in 2001. In addition to his vocal and instrumental contributions to The Fabulous Chancellors, he is also the band's musical director - arranging music for vocals and instrumentation.

Vocals, Guitar and Drums
Randy Steward
Vocals and Drums
Randy Steward



A real estate agent by trade, Randy began playing drums in 3rd grade in 1957 and by 1960 he was performing in bands. Throughout his musical career, Randy has performed in many different venues as vocalist, drummer and guitarist.

Besides having performed with many touring groups and back-up bands, Randy is also a gifted songwriter. He lists Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich as his drumming influences and James Taylor, Jim Croce and Jackson Brown as his song writing influences.

Joining The Chancellors in February of 2008, Randy is an adept lead and harmony singer, with an expansive vocal range from low bass to tenor. In addition to vocals, expect to see Randy playing rhythm guitar in performances, as well as drums when required. The Chancellors are proud to welcome Randy into the fold, rounding out a field of talent in the performance of classic rock ‘n’ roll.

Vocals, Keyboard, Sax, and Electric Violin
Vocals, Keyboard, Sax, and Electric Violin

Jamie 07


Making his debut with The Fabulous Chancellors in 1992 as one of three lead vocalists, Jamie has expanded his role as one of two multi-instrumentalists in the band. Hailing from a musical family where his brothers, Brent (who has released several jazz saxophone CD's, and is in demand at jazz festivals and concerts), and Jerry, (who is a classical pianist) schooled him regularly in all types of music. Jamie is a key to the versatility of the Chancellors' high-energy shows.

Professionally, Jamie is a counselor at Boise State University. However, music of all genres was always his first love. Growing up with his older brothers' penchant for classical and jazz music, Jamie also listened to collections of hits from the late 50's and 60's. Little did he know that one day he would grow up to share the stage with many of those same recording artists. Nobody really knows how or why he has acquired the moniker "Chainsaw" - he seems so "calm".

Lead Vocals and Guitar

Jake Ineck

Jake, a Boise native and winner of the 2007 Northwest Guitar Festival, is recognized for his musical intuition and versatility. He holds a Master of Music degree from Arizona State University and has been adjunct professor of classical guitar at ASU and Boise State University.

Currently music director at a Catholic Church in Meridian, Jake also maintains a private teaching studio and active performance schedule at several Treasure Valley venues. He appears regularly at several local restaurants and breweries as a solo act as well as with the progressive rock trio Subtle Force, featuring fellow Chancellors Dr. Joe and Stephen.

Equally comfortable in diverse musical styles and settings as vocalist, guitarist, and bassist, Jake was the founding member of The Middle Income Household Band, Boise Guitar Quartet, and the Idaho Diocesan Schola, and he’s honored to be a 2022 inductee into the Fabulous Chancellor sextet.

Stephen Baldassarre: 
bass vocals, drums, bass

Stephen Baldassarre


As Dr. Joe's son, Stephen grew up in a musical environment and is a multi-instrumentalist. Known in the Treasure Valley as the owner of an audio and video production company, Stephen is versed in technology and thrives on creativity. He is in production for a solo album of his own instrumental music and was honored to master Mitch Ryder's (singer of the 60s and 70s band The Detroit Wheels) most recent album.

For eight years, Stephen was camera operator and then Studio Chief at KTVB Channel 7 in Boise for the morning and noon news, picking up more knowledge about audio/visual technology and techniques. He has also served as sound man, drummer and bass player for local acts including TV anchorman, Doug Petcash.


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